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Community Activator

ZWDO Collective - Freelance Opportunity 

Last Revised on 07/02/2022


⦿ Status: Independent freelancer / contractor. MUST be able to invoice legally. Evidence of business registration under your local authority is essential.

⦿ Hourly rate: Average €23 per hour depending on location

⦿ Hours: Starting at 14 hours per week 

⦿ Location: Online - Remote 

⦿ Duration: Initial 6-month contract with potential for extension

⦿ Reports to: Cassandra Belanger (Community Activation Leader)

Job Description 



The ZWDO Collective is looking to hire a passionate, enthusiastic new member of our team to contribute to the future development of our association and the progression of zero waste fashion design as an industry or field. 




This role is incredibly valuable to our work - we see the coral reef as a metaphor for our community’s foundation. The ecosystem is made up of diverse species, different languages, ages, colours - all in movement. While each being lives their individual life, they all support each other, benefiting from one another’s similarities and differences. This job means an opportunity to strengthen the community foundation - the coral reef. We are investing in this role because we know the community is central to our project, but requires a healthy and nurtured foundation to thrive. And this is, in some way, what the Community Activator will be helping us with: facilitating the journey of each individual in the ecosystem, activating the connections between each being, and taking care of the foundation.

Reporting to the Community Activation Leader (Cassandra Belanger), the post holder will contribute to the activities related to the development and support of our online community, digital marketing, content creation, critical analysis, strategic thinking and administrative responsibilities, as needed. The post holder will also contribute to the overall continued development of the Zero Waste Design Online Collective. 


⦿  Community Activation Strategies

⦿  Digital Marketing

⦿  Website Management

⦿ Accessibility, Inclusion + Diverse Representation

⦿ Correspondence (Social Media, Membership Platform + Emails)

⦿ Community Call (CC) Coordination

⦿ Membership / Volunteer Coordination

⦿ Meeting Organisation (Coordination, Minutes, Agenda)

Read the full Job Description here below



The ZWDO Collective seeks to increase diversity and representation in the field of sustainable fashion and particularly zero waste fashion. There are numerous and complex barriers to access, progression and representation in the field of sustainable fashion. Career progression is far from a level playing field. Challenges are more acutely felt by women, people with parental responsibilities, disabled people, including those who face significant challenges due to health, well-being or personal circumstances and those from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) or minority ethnic backgrounds. 

Applications are open to anyone, based anywhere in the world, that has the necessary legal status to work as a freelancer/contractor. The applicant also needs to have access to a reliable source of wifi. Depending on the time zone the applicant is located in, there may be requirements to work unsociable hours (work that takes place outside of the traditional 9am - 5pm workday). The applicant must be available to work at least 50% of their time between the hours of 10am - 6pm GMT (UK).



The ZWDO Collective is committed to offering clear and accessible application processes that are open to everyone. We offer access support to disabled applicants, tailored to individual requests. 

Application process

cass - zwdo our team.png
Untitled design.jpg

The deadline for applications is Monday, February 21st at 12pm CET (Central European Time). Please provide a cover letter and CV and address your application to Cassandra (Belanger) and Mylène (L’Orguilloux). Please send it by email as a PDF document to We look forward to hearing from you!


ZWDO  (Zero Waste Design Online) is an international collective that develops online educational resources in the field of zero waste design and systems thinking for fashion. We seek to transform the industry through education, community collaboration and open dialogue around garment construction, pattern cutting, design methods and innovative use of technology.


We are an Association Loi 1901 (not for profit) registered in France.

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