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We are a global collective, working at the intersection of education, practice and industry.

By connecting across boundaries, we harness the power of community to tackle textiles' most pressing problem. Waste.

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15-25% of the 400 billion square metres of

textiles produced every year are wasted on the

cutting room floor.

The vast majority is not recycled or reused, ending up incinerated or in landfills.


To tackle this issue, Zero Waste Design develops methods for the design of garments that do not create waste in their production. This is done through the use of creative pattern cutting and design methods to enable the careful placement of pattern pieces in a jigsaw-like arrangement.

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From academics - to craftspeople, we provide world-class learning and training that is open, accessible and rooted in real-life experience.

Our unique insight, collective experience, and practical approach enables us to be industry leaders in making zero waste possible across sectors and scale.


We bring together ZWD resources, inspiration, and tools, while building an inclusive international community to harness the power of the collective to design for good.

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