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We are a community of designers, academics, home sewers, industry experts and enthusiasts who see the value in working together and the strength in collaboration. We want to change the way the industry works and want to work with you to change it. We know it can be hard to find reliable information about zero waste design methods and processes, so we wanted to put all our collective knowledge in one place for you all. 

We are here because we value community and strength in collaboration. There is no reason to compete amongst ourselves; we’re work together to change the world.

We welcome designers, students, industry, academia, home sewers, and anyone in between.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our workshops and content via Instagram or our mailing list.

- Cass, Holly, Mylène and Danielle (learn more about the Cofounders under 'Our Team')

The collective activity is self-funded. We volunteer in our free time and pay freelancers to extend our capacity and impact. To help us continue to develop community calls, open source resources, social content creation and more, any donations as little as €1 are more than welcome! Donate here.


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